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Zoom or Teams? Why choose between these half-day courses? Broaden your skill set and help your students learn BOTH by customizing them together in a one-day class using our CustomCHOICE Tool.  


Go paperless and provide a digital experience for your students!  


A CustomCHOICE experience will provide all the same components as the mainstream CHOICE instructional product you purchase today, such as supporting files and access to the CHOICE platform. The benefits of Custom content include adding your logo, mixing and matching lessons, deleting unwanted topics, and personalization. The benefits to your business and students include filling skill gaps, meeting specific learning objectives and learning styles, and the cost effectiveness of the Custom product.  


For more information on how to customize Teams, Zoom, and other courseware to meet specific needs feel free to email feel free to email or phone at 1-800-456-4677 option 4.


Logical Operations looks forward to discussing how our CustomCHOICE solutions can help your business grow!  

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