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Logical Operations wants to help you offer classes that will prepare your project management students for the digital transformation projects they will be working on in the next year and beyond. As mentioned above, we offer several courses that would be of interest for an experienced or new PM that can help them prepare for a DX project. 

To help you get these classes on your schedule and get them up and running quickly, Logical Operations will help facilitate these classes for you. This means we will provide the instructor, for free, to help you run any of the BIZ-level classes. 

This includes: 

  1. AIBIZ™ 

  2. DSBIZ™

  3. IoTBIZ™

  4. DEBIZ™

  5. ET4PM  


This means you promote the course to your students, and LO covers the instructor and courseware, giving you an excellent way to introduce these topics to your students. If you are interested in offering these courses, please contact to begin the scheduling process.  

2022 is the year of digital transformation, so don’t let your training schedule fall behind because you don’t have an instructor for these classes! 



Contact the Client Services team and we will help you! We will assist you in locating the correct product, and we will provide you with an evaluation copy of the material to review before you purchase. Reach out to us today for assistance at or 1-800-456-4677 option 2. 

Our products are located on our store at  

Need a store demo? We can help with that too! 



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