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In today’s professional environment, the virtual-communication platform is as ubiquitous…as ubiquitous a productivity tool as a cell phone. No matter what a person’s level of comfort in the virtual world might have been in March, 2020, you can bet that today, that person is spending all or part of their day in one or more of these virtual environments.

And while there may be many platforms – Google Hangouts™, Adobe® Connect™, Cisco WebEx®,GoToMeeting® – it’s clear that two have risen to the top. In a corporate environment, it’s Microsoft® Teams®, because it’s Microsoft. And in any other context – small business, education, non-profits – it’s Zoom, because it’s free.* 


Each of these tools is excellent in its own way. And fortunately, both are relatively “discoverable,” meaning that hosts and participants can generally poke and stumble their way through the interface well enough to get their jobs done. But that’s not always an efficient way to proceed. (Raise your hand if you have NEVER been on a Zoom call with a participant who couldn’t mute their mic, find the Chat box, or share their slides. Didn’t think so.) 

Fortunately, just a small amount of training can greatly increase users’ comfort level and expertise with both of these tools, and thus their effectiveness in their professional lives. Logical Operations is here to help! We offer you compact, thorough, and efficient curriculum products so you can meet all these learner needs. 


Check them out today!   

*For participants that is; or for hosts who don’t need the specific features in the paid edition.  

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