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Even as the world returns to normal (is there such a thing anymore?), the training industry is poised to be forever changed by the events of the past year. According to Global Workplace Analytics, over 56% of Americans hold a job that is compatible with working remotely. They also believe that by the end of 2021, 30% of the total workforce will be working from home multiple days a week. This means you’re going to be offering training to an increasingly remote, fragmented work force who will not be able to participate in traditional “brick and mortar” learning.


Your future is in remote training. Your clients are going to want it in increasing numbers. You’re going to want it because it will allow you to reach a wider audience and offer a larger variety of classes. Your instructors will love the freedom that comes with being able to work a more diverse schedule and teach more interesting classes. Your only challenge is making sure your organization is prepared to offer virtual training. 

Can your LMS support virtual delivery? Are your instructors trained on platforms like Teams® and Zoom, and do they know the best techniques for virtual education? Are you ready to market to new audiences outside of your regional location? Are you ready for 2021 and beyond? 

The next year is going to have a profound impact on your business. Logical Operations is ready to help you make the transition from your traditional “brick and mortar” business model to a model that can thrive using a mix of in person and virtual classes. Don’t navigate this alone, we’re here to help make 2021 your best year yet.

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