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The “Perfect Storm” in cybersecurity is upon us. I am predicting that over the next 18-24 months, the number of students seeking cybersecurity training is going to increase at a rate we’ve never seen before. This prediction is partly based on the following facts: 

  1. According to ISSA, the cybersecurity skills gap is worsening for the fifth straight year, and almost 75% of all organizations will face security issues because of this.  

  2. The Great Resignation is real. According to SHRM, almost four million people a month have quit their job, and this includes a growing number of cybersecurity professionals. 

  3. According to Forbes, suspected Russian cyber attacks went up 800% after the invasion of Ukraine 

  4. More than one million fewer students are going to college, continuing a historic decline in attendance according to NPR. 


We are living through a “Perfect Storm” of events for individuals who want to pursue cybersecurity careers. With the skills gap already worsening, many security professionals retiring or looking for other opportunities, and the new face of war being a potential massive cyber conflict, there has never been a better time to invest in your growth as a cybersecurity professional. If you look at all of that and combine it with the fact that fewer young people are going to college in lieu of getting vocational/certification training, you have the conditions for an explosion in cybersecurity training. 

Your job in this explosive market is to figure out the best way to reach students, determine the best training to offer them that can help them quickly grow their skillset and find a job, and to make sure your instructors are prepared to be driving students forward from class to class, certification to certification. 

The great news is that Logical Operations and CertNexus have been preparing for this for many years. We can help you with easy-to-teach, valuable skill-driven certifications in cybersecurity. We have marketing kits available (with more on the way) around some of the most in-demand topics in the industry. Finally, we can provide train-the-trainer opportunities to make sure your trainers are fully up to speed.  

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-generation moment in training; we’re here to help you take advantage of this amazing opportunity! 

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