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Logical Operations Instructor Editions (IEs) are one of the greatest assets that you as an instructor can have when it comes to preparing and delivering a course. Getting to know all the additional assets that an instructor gets when you use an LO IE, will help you make sure you are getting your maximum value out of your LO courseware. So here they are:


  • Facilitator’s Guide: Every LO Instructor Edition comes with free access to our Logical Operations Facilitator’s Guide. This guide has helpful tips and tricks for delivering Logical Operations courseware, utilizing our LO CHOICE platform.   


  • Additional Resource Icons: LO Instructor Editions share the same pagination as the LO Student Manuals, but each Instructor Edition comes loaded with additional instructor suggestions for content delivery, managing learner interactions and progress, applicable spots to provide additional content and engage your learners, and areas where your students might get stuck.  The resource icons can help any instructor key the course and identify trouble spots, prepare for student questions, and ready themselves appropriately for the course. 


  • Classroom Setup Instructions: The LO Instructor Edition is the only edition of the courseware where you can find detailed instructions on setting up a classroom environment. Technical specifications and necessary downloads are only listed in the IE. If you are going to be setting up the classroom for your students, whether in person or virtual, you will need the IE. 


  • Presentation Planners: The LO Instructor Edition gives you two different presentation planner formats. First, we lay out a recommended timeline for each lesson and break based on test classes that we conduct before publishing the curriculum. If you are following along with the recommended timelines for the classes, these will guide you through successful instruction days, making sure students get enough classroom and break time.Second, we provide a similar suggested flow for delivery in separate seminar-style sessions across multiple days or weeks. For both formats, we provide a blank presentation planner for educators to use if they would like. This allows any educator to quickly adjust the timings they are using on the fly and help them conduct the course over any number of sessions or days.


  • Mastery Builders (available in both IEs and SMs): If you have students who finish their activities faster than others, or you end up teaching an advanced class and want to offer them additional activities to work on, the LO Instructor Editions and Student Manuals often have additional activities for students to work through in the back of the book. This means that an instructor can spend less time creating their own activities, and more time prepping for the delivery of the class.   ​​​​​​


Logical Operations understands how busy you are as an Instructor, so Instructor Editions are designed with the busy instructor in mind; the additional instructor assets will not only help you save time, but will help you deliver the best class experience for your students.

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