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Looking back on Logical Operations’ nearly four decades in the field, we have been at the forefront of every significant movement in adult technology training. These experiences have all combined to inform our sophisticated and field-tested CHOICE instructional model.  Here’s a review of some of those key moments in LO history!  

  • The original or “classic” Logical Operations was founded in 1982 as a computer-training company. Coming only one year after the release of the IBM PC and the subsequent explosion of office computing technology, LO was on the vanguard of the creation of the technology-training industry itself. Instructor-led training is bred in our bones!   


  • In 1985, just three years later, LO also helped create the technical instructional-publishing industry from scratch, with the release of some of the first generic technology curriculum available anywhere in the world. Our current CEO, Bill Rosenthal, was a driving force behind the expansion into curriculum publishing that continues to this day.

  • In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, operating as Ziff-Davis Education and then as Element K, the company was an innovator in:  

    • Standards and practices for self-paced e-learning materials for professional use. 

    • XML-based, single-source instructional authoring.  

    • LMS-hosted, digital content delivery.   

    • A structured, repeatable, evidence-based, expert-informed instructional design approach, the genesis of today’s CHOICE curriculum model.  


  • After Bill re-launched the Logical Operations brand in 2012, LO’s CHOICE digital-delivery platform again led the way in support of VILT, asynchronous ILT, and other emerging dimensions of the Modern Classroom.   


  • With our latest innovation, the creation of our sister company, CertNexus, we are again leading the way by being the first to develop and deliver certifications specifically targeted to address emerging technologies in today’s business landscape. 


As you can see, our experience and expertise run deep; we’ve been leaders in every major innovation in the technology-training landscape for the last 39 years, and we continually feed back what we’ve learned into our product designs and features.  


We’ve invented several major industries, and I’m sure we aren’t done yet. What’s the next stage in our journey? I don’t know, but we’re excited to have you along with us. Let’s find out together!   

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