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It’s a simple shortcut many of us inside Logical Operations take to refer to the product we publish as “a book." But in reality, the CHOICE instructional materials we design offer so much more.   


Here are some of the high-value features and components you’ll benefit from when you order a CHOICE “book” from Logical Operations: 

  • Our unique integrated Instructor Edition, with all Student Manual content included, and pagination consistent between the two editions. IE features that benefit you include: 


  • Marginal instructor notes to guide and support presentation. ​


  • Instructor preface with a courseware orientation, setup guide, timing and flow suggestions, and planners to map out your own presentation strategy.   ​


  • ​Digital delivery of teaching slides through the CHOICE platform.  Because we provide these in PowerPoint format, you can modify, adjust, enhance, and tailor slide decks to make them your own.


  • Activity responses inline with activity content – no flipping pages! (Students see suggested answers in a back-of-book Solutions section.) 


  • Student self-check assessments through CHOICE.   


  • Staged data files and code examples to support our tested, scripted, no-fail activities. (And if you don’t want to set up your own on-premise, technical environments, check out our LogicalLAB virtual-lab offering!)  


  • Digital Checklists, available on CHOICE and on our mobile app, for just-in-time job-task support linked to the course’s instructional objectives.


  • LearnTO and Spotlight media assets to enhance and extend the learning experience.   


The evergreen CHOICE delivery platform; for any given product number, your CHOICE instance will remain up to date for any revisions or refreshes for the life of that individual product.   

We are proud to know that when you order an LO curriculum product, you get everything you need for a great learning experience for you and your students.

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