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As the Logical Operations staff member with the longest continuous tenure with the company (31 years), I can personally attest to the importance of all my female colleagues in driving the success and shaping the culture of LO and its predecessor companies.  LO has always been a place where female professionals in any job role can thrive and succeed in an atmosphere that not only welcomes but embraces women’s perspectives, concerns, needs, and points of view.   

Currently, women make up about half of the total employee base of the LO family of companies (including CertNexus, New Horizons@LO, and Logical Operations itself). We have female leaders and contributors on all levels and in all areas of the company, including my own Content group, the Client Services and Finance teams, as well as Partners, Sales, and Marketing. CertNexus is 75% female!  

The LO family is a relatively small and tight-knit group, so it’s amazing to realize that the strong women across the team have a total of nearly two and a half centuries of experience with the company (243 years to be exact)! 

Here's what some of my other long-tenured colleagues have to say:  

Barely in my 30s when I joined LO, I had no idea this career would take me through the rest of my working years.  From the start, it was evident that women and all employees were encouraged to develop, grow, and expand their technology skills. The connection between learning and helping others learn was baked into every project. I can’t imagine anywhere else that provides the fulfillment of creating learning experiences that help others change and succeed. ​​​​-Pam Taylor, Senior Instructional Designer, Content (31 years)  


I’ve been promoted from entry-level to senior leadership within a company that values women as much as the men; in fact, I’ve never had to think about it.  That says a lot about how our company is run.  -Chandra Foster, VP, Client Services (27 years)  


LO/CNX (since I have now had the opportunity to work for both!) is not an environment you come across often in a career. Therefore, you work diligently amidst the roadblocks and challenges, grow in failures, and display gratitude in ways that honor International Women’s Day personally, professionally, and globally. Every day. -Andrea Bucklaew, Certification Development Manager, CertNexus (24 years)  


What I’ve always liked is that there’s never a dull moment.  22 years at the same company never made me feel like I was in a rut, because things constantly changed and there was always something new. -Sherry Crittenden, Credit Analyst, Finance (22 years)


I couldn’t agree more with my colleagues. I’ve also benefited from LO’s gender-equitable technical and professional advancement, as well as the extraordinary flexibility the company provided for me to raise and support a family as a full-time working woman. Thanks to everyone at LO for building and maintaining a community that values each employee’s authentic self.   

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