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As a Finnish native based in the UK, I’m thrilled to have joined Logical Operations to lead the newly established International Growth team. I have spent most of my 20+ year career in technology training and certifications, working very closely with instructors and training partners, both academic and commercial, in sales, marketing, strategy, and programs to grow the community of certified professionals.  

In my role as International Head of Growth, I help partners expand and grow their training business. Our team of Partner Enablement Specialists is there to act as trusted advisors, helping our customers navigate our numerous training solutions and advising on trends we are seeing internationally, like the growing demand for cybersecurity training.


Tuuli Eaton
Head of International Growth

We’re creating value for our customers by sharing best practices and developing easily consumable marketing assets that will help them generate training demand.   
What do I like most about working at LO? The supportive culture, for one. The number of opportunities here also excites me; this is a technology company as much as a source of great learning content, including customization tools, eBook hosting, distribution, and engagement platform for instructors and students, micro-credential options, subscription models, hands-on labs and much more - from a partner perspective, LO truly aspires to be an easy one to do business with.   

Something you may not know about me is that I have what could be considered the “geeky gene.” Honoring the late Sir Clive Sinclair, my first coding experience was with Sinclair Spectrum 48k (my first computer). Without knowing it was called “coding” or “programming”, I first drew circles to make a snowman on a screen in basic when I was nine or ten years old. Beyond technology, I have lots of other mostly sporty interests, of which my favorite is horse riding. 

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