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For an organization to offer and advertise accredited ITIL classes, the organization, trainers, and courseware must all be accredited. It might sound like a daunting process, but that's where Logical Operations can help.


By signing up as an affiliate with Logical Operations, we'll guide you through the process every step of the way and make sure you're ready.  We will provide access to ITIL 4 Train the Trainer videos. These official training videos are a resource for an instructor who already has ITIL knowledge as well as trainers new to the material. Additionally, we can provide access to the ITIL 4 Foundation course preview session where we review the Logical Operations ITIL 4 Foundation course material and how to use it in class. 


Take a peek at the ITIL 4 Foundation courseware here and we might even be able to provide you a free exam voucher!    


ITIL 4 Awareness Courseware Can Be Customized

The ITIL material needs to be accredited through PeopleCert, so it’s not customizable. However, ITIL 4 Awareness is an exception! You can customize ITIL Awareness to garner interest for your customer base. You can tailor the ITIL 4 Awareness content to choose the specific topics you need. If you just want to put your logo on the cover, no problem! Contact CustomCHOICE to set up a demo or answer any questions. For the first order, you will receive a free custom proof. Email CustomCHOICE today at

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