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Customization is always worth mentioning because of its value add and cost effectiveness. For example, have you ever wanted to take three different courses and scale them down to a 5-day bootcamp? Click here and we will show you how to customize in under 6 minutes! 

So, here's the scenario:   

You might have students with some programming background but no Python experience who need to become functional with both Python programming and the most important principles of secure coding, all within a compressed 5-day time frame. In this case, the content you want covered in class would be found in each of the following three courses:   


You can mix and match lessons and delete unwanted topics from each of these titles to make a 5-day Python Secure Coding Bootcamp of your own! Create your content using only the subject areas that pertain to your students, and then personalize it with subtext and footers plus your logo on the front cover. Looking to just add your logo? No problem!   



How to Order:  

You can submit an order for a quote online using our CustomCHOICE tool. Go to → → Log in → Choose “My Account” at the top of the screen → Choose “CustomCHOICE” on the left-hand navigation.  View a short video to see how easy it is to get started.

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