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Digital transformation (DX) projects touch just about every part of an organization.  A critical part of the success of any DX project is upskilling the people so that they can operate within the new “digital” business paradigm. From foundational Microsoft Office topics to advanced Artificial Intelligence skills, there are many competencies that are required within a digitally transformed company. 


To keep it simple, here are a few courses that your clients running DX implementations will need training on: 

  1. CyberSAFE – to conduct business digitally, more people within an organization will leverage technology, most typically computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones that are connected to critical systems. CyberSAFE provides an understanding of the risks with using technology, why security is important, and how to use devices securely. 

  2. Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel (D.A.V.E.) – Within digitally transformed organizations, data-driven decision-making becomes part of the culture. DAVE teaches analysts from throughout an organization how to aggregate and analyze data more efficiently while creating compelling visuals that tell a simplified story. 

  3. ET4PM – The Language of Emerging Technology for Project Managers. All project managers involved with leading a DX project need a base understanding of the terminology of information technology. This course, designed for project managers, examines the terms used by Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Data Science professionals. The result is that the PM has the ability to hold meaningful conversations with these important DX team members. 

  4. Cyber Secure Coder (CSC) – trains application developers in the principles of Security by Design. Every DX project involves the design and development of new systems, even if an out-of-the box solution is utilized.  CSC provides the skills needed to ensure security considerations are taken into account throughout the software development lifecycle. 

  5. Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP) – IoT applications are enabling an extended enterprise. From cellphone applications to self-reporting refrigerators, IoT apps are critical components of many DX projects. Just think about where you would be without Netflix on your iPhone…CIoTP teaches how to build IoT applications properly and securely. 



The list of training courses that support digital transformation projects is much more extensive than the five noted above. The most important thing to do is to ask your customers if they are engaging in digital transformation and what skills they need to build most in their organization. If they don’t know, then talk about the five above. In fact, share this article and see where the conversation goes. And ask your LO account manager if they bring up something that you need help mapping to one of our course offerings. 

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