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Meet Kim Hurley

"I started business school majoring in Legal Assisting, but through my work program, I realized that I liked all the other aspects of business and quickly changed my major to Business Management. With my 35 years of Customer Service work, it has proven helpful and turned out to be the perfect decision.  

Client Services is the first point of contact that a prospective customer has with Logical Operations. So, I take great pride in making that experience positive and developing a relationship with our clients by listening and answering their questions clearly and concisely. Communicating with customers, answering their inquiries and concerns, helping them find the 


Kim Hurley
Global Client Services​​​

correct courseware on the store, or helping a student access their courseware—all of these give me a great sense of satisfaction that I have helped our clients and positively impacted their day.  

What do I like most about working at LO? I know everyone says the people, but it is true. It includes all the people in Rochester, to everyone internationally, they are an amazing group of people that work endlessly to create courseware and training to give everyone an amazing learning experience. They are also some of the most caring and fun folks that you will ever want to work with.  

During my downtime, I am a diehard hockey fan and have had season tickets to our local team for 38 years. I love being crafty and spending time with my family and my 2-year-old golden retriever, Teddi."

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