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Logical Operations Train the Trainer: Have It Your Way

We know that every instructor is different, and that means that each of you likes to prep for a new course in different ways. We’ve got several options for you when prepping many of our classes. 

  1. For Instructors who prefer to self-study, you can always request evaluation PDFs of most of our courses. Our Assist team ( is standing by to get you a PDF of almost any title in our catalog. Inside of these PDFs, you’ll find a schedule planner, the full course materials, and question and answer keys for all the minds-on activities in the course. If you just want to get ready on your own, this is for you. 

  2. For Instructors who are either less familiar with the subject matter, or who learn best by watching others, we have many TTT videos and eLearning available for our most popular courses. If you’re interested in gaining access to these resources for specific classes, you can check with your Educational Consultant to see if they are available for what you’re looking for. 

  3. Finally, Instructors who want to attend a live, online training class can request that their organization participate in the Logical Operations Kickstart Program. The details of this program and the classes they cover are here.


No matter how you like to prepare, we’ve got you covered here at Logical Operations! Whether you just need an evaluation copy, or you want to attend a live class with a certified instructor, our goal is to get you ready to teach! 

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