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New Product Launch Support by Logical Operations

At Logical Operations, we know that getting a new class launched can be one of the hardest things for any training provider. You have to evaluate the courseware, get an instructor to read up on the subject matter and determine if they want to teach it, figure out how you’re going to market the class, and then take up valuable real estate on everyone’s schedule just to hope that students are going to sign up. There must be an easier way to do this, right? 

That’s where the new Logical Operations Kickstart Program comes in! Rather than asking you to do the heavy lifting to make a brand-new class successful, let us do it for you. For a small fee (depending on the class), we will provide the following:  

  1. A certified instructor 

  2. Digital courseware for all students who attend 

  3. Marketing kits to help you advertise on social media 

  4. Email templates 

  5. Advice on target students 

  6. The ability for your instructors to sit through the class as a Train the Trainer 

  7. A one-on-one instructor debrief, if necessary 


All you have to do is find some time on your virtual platform to host the classes and work with our trainer to get them scheduled. We are even offering weeknight and weekend time slots (schedule permitting).  

We are currently offering this with our CyberSAFE class. For $250 USD, you receive everything listed above and four separate, 1-hour CyberSAFE classes. What you do with those sessions is up to you. Want to sell seats into them and make some money? Sure! Want to give them away to your important clients? Absolutely! Want to see if this class will sell to your clients? This is the best way to find out! 


Finally, we will be expanding the Logical Operations Kickstart Program to include several more courses, including CertNexus AIBIZ, DSBIZ, IRBIZ, ET4PM, and a CMMC executive course in the very near future. If you are interested in taking advantage of one of our Kickstart Program packages, please contact your Educational Consultant or  

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