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JUNE 2022 Instructor Excellence Award:
Michael Lattimore


Michael Lattimore

Cybersecurity Awareness Evangelist, Training Dynamics Network

​​​​​Mike Lattimore (CISSP) is a Cybersecurity Awareness Evangelist, co-founder of the International Association of Security Awareness Professionals, and a certified CyberSAFE transformation coach – instructor. As a leader at the Training Dynamics Network, Mike has been helping individuals launch IT careers for over a decade. With a 20+ year history of creating cybersecurity awareness, Mike sees many more years ahead of helping people become CyberSAFE. 

Mike’s 25 years of IT experience includes serving as the Cybersecurity Awareness Evangelist for one of the world’s largest utilities. He has served as Network Operations Specialist, Technical Specialist, and Manager of a Security Awareness Outreach team. Mike became a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and CompTIA A+ Certified in the 1990s and has continued to add to his IT certification repertoire --- which expanded to him becoming a Modern Certified Classroom Trainer (MCCT) during the pandemic.  Mike delivers Internet safety classes in his local community and has voluntarily trained hundreds of youths, seniors, and individuals seeking to stay safe online, and others desiring to learn about careers in cybersecurity. 

As an instructor and change agent, Mike is personally committed to inclusion and diversity in the technology field. In his ten years as a diversity trainer, he has facilitated (and still does) Unconscious Bias and Racial Harmony workshops nationwide. Mike is most proud of his work at the International Association of Security Awareness Professionals ( His vision is to build a global, trusted community for awareness teams to share and develop best practices to advance their collective goal of increasing security awareness across the interconnected digital landscape. Mike is focused on helping his students set and achieve goals, leveraging what they learn to create impactful outcomes. His vision for community technology empowerment is anchored by the fact that he is a proud member of the Los Angeles chapter of the FBI InfraGard national members alliance and shares the mission of increasing the security awareness of the United States’ citizens.

In the future, Mike’s vision is to create a groundswell of cybersafe consultants that help others use technology safely, support small to medium businesses with creating a security-first culture, and assist with creating a diverse workforce in the cybersecurity awareness field. Mike says, “Many nations are creating cyber armies to level the playing field on the global front. The U.S. Presidential signing of Executive Order 14028 to improve the nation’s cybersecurity attests to my belief that in America, we also need to invest in developing resources in our communities to ensure we can protect our critical infrastructure as well as our personal and commercial resources. The best intrusion detection system is a well-trained end-user.  That makes CyberSAFE training of vital importance to our nation.” 

Mike says, “I’m not just a technical instructor. I am a transformation coach and mentor; probably one of the only CyberSAFE coaches on the planet. Accordingly, my mission is a profound one:  to ensure that CyberSAFE reaches as many people in the community as possible, regardless of race, gender, age, or where they work.” 

JUNE 2022 Instructor Excellence Award:
Elizabeth Canterbury

Elizabeth Canterbury is a Certified Master Instructor with over 20 years of training experience in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Currently, Elizabeth is an instructor with Puryear IT where she conducts Office training courses and consults with clients to customize Microsoft Office and Office 365 applications.  
Elizabeth enjoys learning the ins and outs of application software. Early in her career, she was fortunate to work for a forward-thinking company, New Horizons, that recognized the importance of training, offering its employees the opportunity to attend on-the-job computer classes. After attending one of these training sessions, Elizabeth was not only enamored with the Smart Board experience, but also came away with the thought, “I would really enjoy doing this.” A few months later, she learned they were looking for a new instructor and her teaching journey began!

In the 20 years that Elizabeth has been teaching, her passion for the work has not changed. Most of the training Elizabeth has done has centered around Microsoft Office. Her clients have sent their employees to become more knowledgeable and effective in performing their job duties, which include manipulating data in Access, creating 


Elizabeth Canterbury Associate Professor of Mathematics
County College of Morris (CCM)

formulas in Excel, composing emails in Outlook, preparing presentations in PowerPoint, generating reports in Crystal Reports, and creating business documents in Word.  “Seeing my students take what I teach them and learn and grow makes my job worthwhile,” says Elizabeth. “I have always enjoyed the social aspect of being an instructor as it allows me to bring together my passion for mastering software applications with inspiring others to become more confident in their skills and valuable in the workplace. What better way to network!” In addition to creating a bond with her students, Elizabeth also enjoys having an inside scoop of what’s going on in the training world saying, “Being employed with training companies has given me access to the latest and greatest in software applications and the ability to keep up with my certifications.” 

Elizabeth is enjoying her work as an instructor and the opportunities it presents to her students, who are able to expand their skillsets with her guidance. She also recognizes the doors training has opened for her in her own career. “My career as an MCT has given me the privilege of working for renowned training companies like New Horizons and Gateway as well as supporting continuing education programs in prominent colleges in southern Louisiana. From traveling to teach new features of the latest Windows Operating System for a company in Puerto Rico to creating an internal form with connecting automations in Office 365, it’s never boring and the work opportunities continue to challenge me.” 

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