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You already know that CustomCHOICE offers excellent opportunities for you to customize off-the-shelf LO courseware. Did you know that we can help create custom curriculum for your larger clients to give you more opportunities to win those big training contracts? 

Using over 5,700 titles and the combined experience of instructional designers and industry experts with decades of experience, Logical Operations has created custom curriculum for some of our customer’s biggest clients. If your customers are coming to you with extended scopes of work for training programs, you do not need to fill their requests with just off-the-shelf courseware. We can help you mix and match to design a full training program that will exactly meet your customer’s specifications. 

The next time you receive a complicated scope of work for a training class or rollout, Logical Operations will help you get everything you need to bid on and win that big training opportunity. No matter what you need, we have a solution for you.   

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