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The recent global health situation suddenly created urgency and focus on virtual-training delivery.   At Logical Operations, we’re proud that our instructional products have been built from the start to support virtual-delivery success. From the very inception of the CHOICE instructional model in 2012, we’ve been creating and testing our products to ensure success across all three dimensions of the modern classroom, especially the critical first dimension of virtual instruction.  




Here’s how CHOICE instructional products from Logical Operations and CertNexus meet the need for engaging remote learners:  

  • CHOICE test classes are always conducted with virtual participants, so we know from the start that the material will work with remote learners.   

  • Topics are designed in job-task-sized chunks, with frequent, explicit practice of each skill interwoven with the presentation. 

  • Companion LogicalLABs make it easy to support hands-on learning for remote students, and help eliminate setup and technical issues. 

  • Our CHOICE digital-delivery platform means every student can access all course materials quickly and easily through a web browser.  No logistic concerns with shipping, storage, or distribution. You can even send CHOICE keys directly to your students from the Logical Operations store when you place your order.   

  • Notes, suggestions, and other instructor supports for enhancing student engagement in any mode are provided in notes and front matter in the Instructor Edition. 

  • Digital assets such as Checklists and Spotlight videos and student self-check Assessments are all deployed from the CHOICE platform for your students to engage with anytime, anywhere.  


We’ve always been ahead of the virtual-delivery curve with our CHOICE product line; we’re glad we can offer the instructional products to help you stay ahead of it too.    

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