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5 Tips for Working from Home

Many have had to transition to working from home and are finding it to be a challenge. A move that you probably thought would lighten your workload and give you extra time for a nap or two has turned into a struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy during these decidedly extraordinary times. 

To help make the transition to virtual easier, here are our five best tips for working from home. The first three are technology and equipment related, the last two are more health and social related.


  • Invest in a good USB headset. Audio clarity on team calls is really important, and a good headset with a microphone can make all the difference. When you use your computer speakers and a mic, there can often be distortion in the background if too many people start talking at once.  


  • Make sure you have a comfy chair. If you're working from the couch for a period of time, experiment with different places to sit in order to maximize comfort. Believe it or not, working, squinting, typing, and leaning into a soft couch don't go well together. Make sure you have a place to sit that is comfortable yet encourages good posture to ward off aches.


  • Use a monitor. Don't spend all day staring at your laptop screen. The screen is smaller than what your eyes are likely used to and will  start to hurt your eyes over time. Consider purchasing a monitor or borrow your monitor from work to bring home with you. (Don't do what I did and buy three of them all 32+ inches, I have a real problem.) 


  • Take breaks. You need to get up and move around, even if you ARE working from the couch. We are all accustomed to our homes being a place where we rest, and combining that with work can create situations where your brain gets confused as to whether you are working or relaxing. Get up! Move around! Dance while you make lunch!  Allow yourself moments to unplug from work completely.


  • Socialize with your coworkers!  If you have a meeting in the office, you’d socialize on your way to the conference room.  You’d chat in the break room. Sometimes, the best ideas and inspirations happen at the water cooler or over lunch.  Set aside time each day to connect with your coworkers visually, just to chat about your days. Staying connected during these times can help us energize throughout the day. 


If you happen to be a teacher or instructor who is struggling with how to teach from home, check out our Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) course. We’ve got even more tips on setting up a virtual classroom and keeping your students engaged online. Learn more

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